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Air conditioners, dishwashers, clothes dryers, drying cabinets, freezers, refrigerators, kitchen stoves, water heaters, washing machines, trash compactors, microwave ovens, and induction cookers are just a few examples of major appliances.

Juicers, electric mixers, meat grinders, coffee grinders, deep fryers, herb grinders, food processors, electric kettles, waffle irons, coffee makers, blenders, and dough blenders, as well as rice cookers, toasters, exhaust hoods, are yet another category of kitchen appliances

Goods and Services

Dinner Plates, Dinner Spoon, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Dessert Plate, Dessert Spoon, Dessert Fork, Tea cup with Saucer, Tea Spoon, Soup Bowl, Soup Saucer, Soup Spoon, Canapes Tray, Salad Bowl, (Glass Oval Shape), Salwad Bowl (Imported Round), Salad Tray, Salad Tong, Raita Bowl, Raita / Salad Spoon, Ice Cream Bowl, Ice Cream Spoon (Large), Ice Cream Container, Ice Cream Scooper, Ice Bucket, Ice Tong, Water Goblet, Water Glass, Dessert Bowl, Glass Dessert Tray, Mirror Tray for Dry Fruit, Beverage Round Tray, Beverage Round Tray Mat, Service Tray, Steel Bread Basket, Tub Ashtrays, Stand Ashtrays, Surgical Gloves, Bottle Opener, Tooth Pic Holder, Salt & Pepper Glass, Rack Plate, Rack Goblet, Stand Pastry, Tong Cup, Rack Chaffing, Dishes With Burners, Dish, Spoon, Food insert, Soup Container, Soup Ladle, Tea Solox, Glass Tea Pot (steel less steel), Milk Pot (steel less steel), Tea Pot Pink Tea, Tea Pot (For Hot Water), Terra Flask, Electrical Dish Burner (Double due towinter), Terra Flask (Large), Samawar Menual, Mosquito net,

Air Conditioner, Air Purifier, Bachelor Griller (U.K), Backup Charger, Banknote Counter, Blender, Bluetooth Speaker, Bread Maker, Calculator, Car Toy, Ceiling Fan, Chandelier, Clock, Clothes Dryer, Coffee Maker, Computer, Copier, Crock-Pot, Curling Iron, Digital Camera, Dishwasher, Doorbell Camera, Drill, Dvd Player, Earphones, Electric Fan, Electric Frying Pan, Electric Grill, Electric Guitar, Electric Kettle, Electric Pencil Sharpener, Electric Razor, Electric Stove, Evaporative Cooler, Exhaust Fan, External Hard Drive, Facial Cleansing Machine, Fax, Fish Tank, Grandfather Clock, Hair Dryer, Hair Straightening Machine, Hair Trimmer, Headset, Inkjet Printer, iPod, Iron, Juicer, Kettle, Kitchen Hood, Kitchen Scale, Lamp, Lantern, Laser Printer, Lawn Mower, Lift, Light Bulb, Meat Grinder, Microphone, Microwave, Mixer, Monitor, Mosquito Racket, Mouse, Oven, Piano, Plotter, Pressure Cooker, Printer, Projector, Radiator, Radio, Reading Lamp, Refrigerator, Remote Control, Rice Cooker, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Safe, Sandwich Maker, Scanner, Sewing Machine, Smartphone, Speaker, Stove, Table Fan, Transistor, Television, Timer, Toaster, Torch, USB Drive, Vacuum Cleaner, Walkie-Talkie, Washing Machine, Watch, Water Heater, Water Pumps, Water Purifier, 

Spray Bottle Kitchen Tools Tea Strainers Fried Ice Cream Plate Crepe Stick Patty Press Ladles Spatulas Whisks Tongs Kitchen Presses Dumpling Presses Strainers & Colanders Rolling Pins & Boards Kitchen Scoops Kitchen Tool Sets Dough Makers Funnels Sushi Makers Egg Separators Kitchen Paper Dispensers Meat Tenderizers Vacuum Bag Sealers Fish Scalers Ice Cream Makers Gola Makers Ice Cube Trays Egg Topper & Crackers Cooler Bags Foil Holders Heat Diffusers Egg Poachers Steam Releasers Roast Injectors Fruit & Vegetable Purifiers Knife Sharpeners Pancake Batter Dispensers Sausage Makers Dough Presses Lunch Boxes Water Bottles & Flasks Cookware Cookware Sets Pressure Cookers Pans Tawas Woks & Kadhais Idli Makers Handis Cookware Pots Cook & Serve Casseroles Steamers Pressure Cooker Gaskets Fondue Sets Tagine Pots Gas Stove & Accessories Gas Stoves Gas Cylinder Regulators Gas Lighters Gas Cylinder Trolleys Bakeware Moulds Pastry Brushes Baking Dishes & Pans Roasters Baking Cutters Measuring Cups Kitchen Weighing Scales Measuring Spoons Cake Testers Baking Pie Weights Cream Roll Horn Forms Decor Pens Baking Mat Liners Icing Sets Tart Tampers Truffle Chocolate Shavers Cake Levelers Cake Smoother Polishers Pastry Cloths Cake Dowel Pillars Icing Couplers Pie Crust Cutters Cake Slicers Piping Bags Icing Nozzles Lollipop Sticks Fondant Rolling Sheets Fondant Tool Kits Baking Stencils Icing Bag Stands Baking Rollers Flambe Torches Baking Combs Bakery Dipping Tools Batter Separators Rolling Pin Rings Baking Sparkle Toppers Cupcake Inserts Cake Flower Spikes Cookie Presses Bread Proofers Pastry Frames Kitchen Timers Gourmet Cream Whip & Canisters Kitchen Thermometers Outdoor Cooking Barbecue Wood Egg Grilling Machines Chafing Dishes Chimney Starters Barbecues & Grills Skewers Plate Warmers Warming Trays Blowtorch Attachment Oven Gas Igniters Knives, Choppers & Cutters Choppers & Slicers Peelers Cutting Boards Finger Guards Kitchen Scissors Garlic Presses Kitchen Knives Pizza Cutters Pitters Seafood Crackers Electric Peelers Electric Food Slicers Hand Juicers & Grinders Manual Grinder Hand Juicers Mortar & Pestles Hand Muller Grinders Mashers Pepper Mills Nutmeg Grinders Lunch Boxes, Bottles and Flasks Lunch Boxes Water Bottles Flasks Kitchen Storage & Containers Kitchen Containers Oil Dispensers Condiment Sets Storage Drums Egg Holders Fruit Baskets Kitchen Racks Kitchen Trolleys Glass Holders Water Dispensers Lids Grocery Bags Storage Baskets Food Covers Storage Vacuum Bags Tableware & Dinnerware Casseroles Dinner Sets Mugs Plates Bowls Glasses Serving Sets Serving Trays Cutlery Cases Forks Spoons Cutlery Knives Cutlery Sets Chopsticks Trivets Toast Racks Cake & Pie Servers Toothpick Holders Bread Baskets Tea Urns Teapot Sets Cups & Saucers Jugs Lemon Sets Salt Sprinklers Barware Pitchers Beverages Cooler Sticks Bar Mat Bar Glasses Bottle Racks Bottle Openers Ice Buckets Bottle Stoppers Stirrers Beer Bong Funnels Cocktail Shakers Hip Flasks Decanters Wine Coolers Bar Sets Home Appliances Inverters and Accessories Diffusers / Humidifiers Irons Water purifiers Water Geysers Air Purifiers Room Heaters Voltage Stabilizers Sewing Machines Vacuum Cleaners Immersion Rods Fans Air Coolers Landline Phones Appliance Parts & Accessories Dimmers Sensor Security Systems Dryer Compact Refrigerators Air Conditioners Refrigerators Washing Machines Transformer Converters Water Heaters Ultrasonic Cleaners Emergency Lights Lightings Thermostats Freezer Chests Telephones Popcorn Makers Electric Shoe Dryers Kitchen Appliances Electric Lunch Boxes Electric Choppers Mixer Juicer Grinder Electric Jug(heater)/Travel Kettles Induction Cooktops Hand Blenders Sandwich Makers Chimney Electric Cookers Electric Meat Grinders Electric Food Dehydrators Electric Bottle Openers Chocolate Fountain Makers Electric Woks Ovens Pizzelle Maker Ice Makers Wet Grinders Electric Carving Knife Ice Cream Makers Soup & Miso Maker Cooking Range Digital Measuring Spoons Hot Dog Machines Cake Maker Peanut Butter Makers Appliance Parts & Accessories Electric Pans Refrigerators Sausage Makers Coffee makers Dish washers Microwave Ovens Oven Toaster Grills Food Makers Egg Cookers Air Fryers Pop-up Toasters Wet Grinders Food Processors Dough Presses Waffle Makers Electric Tandoor Electric Cooking Heaters Roti Makers Cupcake Makers Electric Deep Fryers Indian Coffee Filters Donut Makers Popcorn Makers Soda Makers Cotton Candy Maker Weighing Scales Bread Makers Noodles & Spaghetti Maker Pizza Makers Vada Makers Flourmills Butter Churn Makers Soup Makers Slow Cookers Potato Twister Machines